Lös upp knutar i dig själv, dina relationer samt dina muskler

Intuitive Reading with Emotional Healing, often with cards, can be made distantly. Telephone or Skype. You will get the cards photographed and mailed or on MMS

It can be of concern about you, your relationships and mostly comes certain good advises and directions about what you have to "dissolve"/let go, your next step, what you need to see or release to grow and go further with.

I am certified and trained by my teachers Branka Okeijn, Doreen Virtue, Ersin Davidsson, Birkan Tore, Rosita Johansson, Christoffer Olson, Anneli Forsinius-Geidemark , Michelle Phillips, Marion Rosen, Mikael Säflund, Vera Engdahl m.fl.

Concerning relationships, which is my speciality, I do a "Heart" reading with twelve cards where three cards are for the couple today,  four cards for person A and four cards for person B and the twelfth card-the outcome. My cards always tell the truth and I can get shivers/goosebumps (I never know when they come) of what is or I say, completing the truth. So if the interpreting of the cards can vary, always go back to the cards.
Sometimes the understanding of the card comes later. Therefore, save the picture.

I right now offer a "Year reading" with Tarot AngelCards at 25% off 720:- for 540:-, where you also will get a picture and a simple explanation of the card setting by photograph sent to you